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Story Spoken by Outline

Story Spoken by Outline

That room, like a long, narrow road is not put there to separate inside and outside. It just borrows the form of inside and outside. I feel that the concepts of "in" and "out" are merely forms that are just outlines.

According to the outline of words space is divided.

Sculpture is made up of surface information. Visual information exists under the skin of surface information as a vast premise of structural elements, they exist in a place that is not perceived. The work is created by all things reflected in the eyes along with the system of perception.

The copy material is blessed with both possibility and lack of possibility.

Information that cannot be seen and states we cannot see are indicated by signs on the surface, those signs are seen together with the information that can be seen.

The powder spread in the box colors time and space and leaves traces of them, acting as a guide to lead and aid in sight.

Something usually happens within that room, what that is I don't know. I don't know the story spoken there. I just borrow the form of the story. Speaking about the story only with the outline is not creation but dismantlement.

Even though it is meaningless we continue the action of scooping up the stuff that rises to the surface, not in resistance, not in supplication, but in affirmation.

Placed with in that room is a sculpture that symbolizes something. Even if what is symbolized is null it still indicates something new. That indication is not read but seen by eyes that exist in the past, present and future.

Midori Harima, San Francisco, 2003










播磨みどり 2003年 サンフランシスコにて

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