Midori Harima

Midori Harima (b. 1976 Japan)
Harima makes work using prints, and the conceptual basis of her work is the experience of printed matter. Her early work focused on paper sculptures made using black-and-white Xeroxed images from various media. In Harima’s recent practice, she uses analog reproducible media such as prints, photographs, film, and video to consider the non-identical and contingent nature of reproduced media. By overlapping the relativity of the reproduction media with her experience as a foreigner, she explores the possibility of a relative way of being of the artwork and the artist in the contemporary age.

Recent exhibitions include ”Prints/Places” Maho Kubota Gallery, Tokyo (2023), ”This is a Mirror” Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York (2023), ”Crossing The Boundary From Behind” Fujisawa City Art Space, Fujisawa (2022), “Recurrent” Ulterior Gallery, New York (2022), ”A Quest into the World “with PAPER”
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Kumamoto (2022), ”Lyrics, Gestures and Games” Kala Art Institute, Berkeley (2017).

播磨みどり(1976年 横浜市生まれ)

近年の主な展覧会に、「場と印刷 Prints/Places」(2023年、Maho Kubota Gallery、東京)、「This is a Mirror」(2023年、Shirley Fiterman Art Center、ニューヨーク)、「裏側からの越境 」(2022年、藤沢市アートスペース、藤沢)、「Recurrent」(2022年、Ulterior Gallery、ニューヨーク)「PAPER:かみと現代美術 」(2022年、熊本市現代美術館、熊本)、「Lyrics, Gestures and Games」( 2017年、Kala Art Institute、カルフォルニア州 バークレー)など。


Self-portrait in New York City, 2017