"Roadside Picnic, Chapter Two"
installation, variable dimensions
Plaster, metal rods, wire, chip bags, aluminum leaf

Installation view atFLYNNDOG
March 24th -April 30th 2014
Photo by: Nick McDonell

“A picnic. Imagine: a forest, a country road, a meadow. A car pulls off the road into the meadow and unloads young men, bottles, picnic baskets, girls, transistor radios, cameras … A fire are lit, tents are pitched, music is played. And in the morning they leave. The animals, birds, and insects that were watching the whole night in horror crawl out of their shelters. And what do they see? An oil spill, a gasoline puddle, old spark plugs and oil filters strewn about … Scattered rags, burnt-out bulbs, someone has dropped a monkey wrench. The wheels have tracked mud from some godforsaken swamp … and, of course, there are the remains of the campfire, apple cores, candy wrappers, tins, bottles, someone’s handkerchief, someone’s penknife, old ragged newspapers, coins, wilted flowers from another meadow …”
-Roadside Picnic, by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky
Translated by Olena Bormashenko.

“For the last few months, I have been collecting street garbage such as smashed soda cans, coffee cups, cigarettes, and food waste during my daily commute, walking between my home, studio and work place in New York City. As I was collecting, slowly my perspective on garbage changed. I was eager to find good-looking garbage and the streets became full of treasures. The refuse scattered on the street looked like a small universe. I began to see the human beings behind it all. Later, I cast the trash using plaster and constructed large mobiles and individual sculptures. I’m attempting to cast human existence by casting what we discard — to make a portrait of human beings.”

-Midori Harima, March 2014


A&B・ストルガツキー/深見 弾訳


2014年3月 播磨みどり


"Roadside Picnic, chapter two" at FLYNNDOG, Burlington VT,  March 24  - April 30, 2014