"Roadside Picnic" Collaboration with Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert (Leaf prints on wall)

installation, variable dimensions, Paper, cardboad, black wrapping paper, wire, packing material

Installation view at FLYNNDOG
Photo by: Nick McDonell

For humans, the world is a reflection of our consciousness, which is limited by our nature. The world exists beyond us and our knowledge. This exhibition is an experiment that attempts to open a door to the unknown in nature and in ourselves.
Midori Harima will show new sculptures that reflect her experiences in Vermont, where she first visited in 2003 to participate in a show at FLYNNDOG that was curated by Gilbert, and now visits frequently.

“I see things in Vermont which I have never seen in my life in the city. The darkness of a night not lit by artificial light is one of them. As the sun goes down, surfaces disappear and other elements emerge. Trees become pitch black masses and their existence become stronger. I am going to make sculptures such as fallen leaves and small creatures, and putting surface information aside, I will focus on the structure and atmosphere of them.

Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert will show her series of leaf prints.

“The leaves are found in the forest a decade ago, as a fallen leaves around where I live in Vermont. I wished to preserve the beauty of their life without my influence. I choose the newest technology- ink jet printing by computer for that reason. This re-presentation just became possible at that time by developing of computer technology around 15 years ago. The images are high resolution digital print made from direct scans of leaves. I hope they will help us to recognize our limit of understanding and knowledge of the nature.”