“Lost acquisition”
paper, Xerox copy on archival Japanese paper, methyl cellulose paste, archival tape, paper clay,frame
installation, variable dimensions

These figures were created from images found in printed media. I imagined their mass and depth from the 2-D printed images on paper and then sculpted them into 3-D figures. I then flattened the completed figures and put them into frames. Each step of the process created a greater distance from the once living thing that was captured on film.This process of transforming is a way to make physical the process of understanding how objects are perceived and what is lost in that process. The work is about the understanding that comes from distancing oneself from an object. This whole process is a confirmation of what is lost by acquisition and acquired by loss.


"Midori Harima" at Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, FL,   March  10 -  May 5  2007


MAG 09 May/June 2007 issue, “A Delicate Balance” exhibition Richard Butler and Midori Harima at Kevin Bruk Gallery review by Mariangele Capuzzo