"Democracy Demonstrates"(2022/2017)
367 archival pigment prints, wood
13.6 x 10.5 cm each print, installation, variable dimension

Photo by Junji Kumano (2022 at Fujisawa City Art Space)
Photo by Hiroyo Kaneko (2017 at Kala Art Institute)

“Democracy Demonstrates” was a one-year project conducted from May 2015 to April 2016, during which time I saved all the non-perishable garbage that I generated each day and then used it to create a daily sculpture. Each sculpture was then photographed, titled, and measured. Upon completion of the project, I had digital images of the 366 sculptures, detailed information related to the garbage, and personal notes about each day.
The project began during a 90-day residency in South Korea and then continued from my home in New York. It was a documentation of my daily life, as well as a simple comparative observation of the consumption patterns of one individual living in different consumer societies. The project deals with the idea of democracy and the gap between that idea and the actual system we live in, and reflects on the contradictions in and the limits to democracy as a value system and institution under late capitalism. More fundamentally, the project was a way to bring my desire to be more democratic and the actual practice of democracy together through a concrete action.

To return the practice of democracy to a personal level, as a material for my studio practice I used the garbage I generated each day as a result of my choices as a consumer, not as materials selected based on aesthetic value judgments. By doing so, I attempted to strengthen a viewpoint in which the artist’s judgment is kept to a minimum and all materials are treated equally. This approach was the complete opposite of the way I had worked up to that point, and served as a way to question anew aesthetic and ideological systems which I had internalized.

-Midori Harima, March 2017,
 New York

“Democracy Demonstrates” は 2015年から2016年にかけて行われた一年間のプロジェクトです。プロジェクト期間中毎日、一日の生活の中で出るゴミを使って、一日一個の立体を制作し、それらの立体は其々デジタル写真に収められました。このプロジェクトはその366個の立体とそのイメージ、タイトル、立体のサイズ、ゴミの内容物、その日訪れた場所や共に過ごした人々の名前や作品の宛先などの記録によって構成されています。




播磨みどり   2017年3月  ニューヨークにて


“THIS IS A MIRROR” at The Shirley Fiterman Art Center, June 7—Aug 5, 2023

”裏側からの越境/Crossing the Boundary From Behind” at Fujisawa City Art Space, Oct 8 ~ Dec 18, 2022

"Lyrics, Gestures and Games" at Kala Art Institute, Berclay CA,  May 11 - July 12, 2017