263 x 89 x 95 cm
撮影:木奥恵三/ ニック・マクドネル

”Landscape of Prints (Primeval Forest)”
Silkscreen on backlight film and mirror film, wood,  metal halide lamp
Photo: Keizo Kioku and Nick McDonell




In 2016, I visited the Białowieża Forest which is the last primeval forest in Europe. The guide explained that the shape of the forest has been changing over a long period of time and how it has settled down to become a forest with great diversity where various organism coexist in n high density.

In a sunny spot created after a large tree fell, many saplings had sprouted and were competing to get the best exposure to the sun. These photos show the early stages of the forest. After returning from the trip, I reviewed the pictures I took in the forest, and it resembled the forests I see here and there.

I reduced the resolution of the image by converting it into dots, and silk-screened it onto backlight film, which resulted in something a bit closer to the sensation I felt at the site. The light source inside is a metal halide lightbulb, which will eventually be banned, because it contains mercury, which is a violation of the Minamata Convention. I use this light source because one day people will no longer be able to see things illuminated by this kind of light. This work deals with the "visual" in an age when easy to understand visuals are increasingly prioritized over more subtle visuals.


"場と印刷 Prints/Places" at Maho Kubota Gallery, Tokyo,  November 24 - December 23, 2023